Complete Hiring System

Flazingo has everything you need to make a great hire with the Complete Hiring System!

Applicant Tracking System

We’ve built a full-featured applicant tracking system so you can manage, track and interact with all your open positions and candidates.

Candidate Sourcing

Our team of recruiters will actively search and contact candidates (from Monster and CareerBuilder) we believe are the best fit for your open positions.

Job Posting

To advertise your open position even more we offer the ability to buy job postings on leading job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster.

Position Analysis

One of the most overlooked, yet important features of the Complete Hiring System: we ask the right questions so you clearly define your open position.

Compensation Report

We’ve partnered with the leading compensation analysis company to bring you the most accruate pay data about your open position. Additional cost may apply.

Cultural Assessment

Is it love at first sight? Our Cultural Assessment matches your company’s atmosphere with your candidate’s personality.

Screening Questions

Enter in your own questions you would like your candidates to answer to find ever more about them.

Candidate Scoring

With potentially hundreds of candidates for each job, you need a quick way to see who to look at first. We score every candidate 0-100 to make it easy.

Candidate Comparison

Deciding between multiple candidates can be hard. Our Scorecard lets you see candidates’ qualities side-by-side so you can easily see who is better.

Custom Interview Guide

Interviewing is an art. Become the artist with our custom behavioral interview guide. You choose competencies that are important for your position and we return questions that are relevant.

Offer Letter Template

If you don’t have your own offer letter template that you use for your company, we provide one so you can make a great offer to your winning candidate.

Background Checks

We’ve partnered with the leading background check company to deliver thorough background checks for candidates you need more information from.

On-Boarding Guide

Start your new employee off on the right foot by filling out our Great Start tool. It defines what your new employee needs to do to make you smile.

Team Collaboration

Invite as many people as you want to participate in the hiring process with you. You can even set permissions so not everyone has full access to everything.